History of AMC and AMCANA

A brief history of Andhra Medical College and King George Hospital

The story of King George Hospital, from its humble beginning in 1845, exactly 150 years ago till to-day is full of episodes of pathos, hurdles disappointments, surges of growth, achievements, fame, phases of inactivity and. disillusionment. A civil dispensary existed in 1845 catering to the needs of the people of Visakhapatnam. A Hospital was built in 1857 at a total cost of Rs, 17,200/-.
Two of these cottages can still be seen just above the physiology block which are now lady's cloak room and the canteen. during heavy rains in 1914 a part of the hospital building came down and the other part also was through to be Medical School building with the consent of the maharastra and the school.

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